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This page addresses three questions:

With whom do I do therapy?

What issues do I treat?

What methods do I use?

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With whom do I do therapy?

what issues do I treat?

I treat a range of concerns:

my two major sub-specialties are

pair of lions Marital Harmony


angry couple Anger Management.

I also address issues such as:

Anxiety Disorders, including:

Depressive Disorders, and individuals facing the loss of loved ones, of health or of wealth.
Parent Education: Encouraging Child Creativity, Cooperation, Compliance and Joy.
I help people concerned about the meaning of their daily life and of their religious life.

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what methods do I use?

My approach is to integrate contemporary strategies from secular psychology with
traditional principles from Torah literature. Having been a therapist for over 40 years,
I have learned to use a number of different therapeutic modalities.
In order of their weight in my current practice, these include:

cognitive-behavioral-therapy cognitive-behavioral-therapy ( CBT)

people communicating interpersonal-communications-training

maslow needs hierarchy humanistic/existential/logotherapeutic therapies,
as practiced by Carl Rogers, Irvin Yalom and Viktor Frankl

floating in ocean relaxation training, guided imagery and Eriksonian hypnosis

a mind with tree branches and roots psycho-dynamic therapy

dog face therapeutic dogs for anxiety and attachment disorders

  The specific set of techniques that I use are tailored to the needs of the specific client.
  I help clients to identify and to draw on their strengths in mastering problems.
  My particular approach is called “Solution –Oriented-Psychology” because it helps clients
  achieve a solution to their specific goals in short-term-therapy,
  rather than through a long-term, global restructuring of their personality.

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