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Ed Susskind Biosketch

Yale University Seal   Dr. Susskind, a psychotherapist in Monsey, specializes in family and relationship counseling.
  He received his Ph.D. at Yale University in 1969 and was a professor for 16 years at 3 universities.

  During the past 30+ years, he has been a full-time psychotherapist.

  He integrates traditional Torah wisdom with the practices of contemporary psychology.

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  He also counsels people nationally and internationally over the telephone and lectures worldwide.

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Ed Susskind Resumé

Contact Information:

Edwin Susskind, Ph.D.
Solution Oriented Psychology
201 West Maple Ave,    Monsey,   NY    10952
845) 425-9531    cell (845) 304-5481    eysusskind@aol.com


         B.A., Psychology, Magna Cum Laude, Columbia College, 1964.
         Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Yale University, 1969.
         Phi Beta Kappa.
         Licensed Psychologist: NY license # 68-004114; MD (inactive) , NY, PA ( inactive).
         Supervisor of School Psychological Services: MD.
         National Register, Health Service Providers in Psychology.


Solution Oriented Psychology, Monsey, NY: Psychologist in private practice, 7/2001 to present.
Rockland Commuity College, Suffern, NY: Adjunct lecturer in Psychology, 9/2007 to present.


9/69 through 6/85: Full-time graduate faculty member at 3 universities:
SUNY-Buffalo (9/69-12/72); Hebrew U., Jerusalem (1/73-6/75); U. of MD Baltimore County, (9/75-6/85).
9/84 through 12/92: Director and Psychotherapist, Empire Psychology Center, Glen Burnie, MD.
12/92 through 7/2001 Solution Oriented Psychology, Psychologist in private practice, Pittsburgh, PA.
8/95 to 7/2001. Senior Psychologist, Jewish Family and Children Services, Pittsburgh, PA.
Bikur Cholim of Rockland County. Clinical Director, 7/2002 to 8/2004. Clinical Consultant, 7/2001 to 7/2002.
Supervising Psychologist, Kiryas Joel School District, Monroe , NY, 10950, 12/2004 6/2012


Member, Fellow, Reviewer and Officer of many local and national professional organizations,
including Presidency of Maryland Psychological Association ('82-'83).


One edited book and 13 published scientific articles.
50+ papers to scientific/professional organizations.
Numerous presentations to lay audiences in the U.S. and abroad.
Columnist and freelance contributor to professional and lay publications.


English, Hebrew, Yiddish

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Photos of Dr. Susskind

color photo of Dr Susskind

Black and White photo of Dr Susskind

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Dr. Susskind's Most Popular Lecture Topics

I have listed below over 30 lecture topics for which I am available.
My two favorite topics are numbers 1 and 2. If you are interested in having me speak,
please call ( 845-425-9531) or email me (eysusskind@aol.com)

  1. The Mystical Messages for Marriage in King Solomon's Aishes Chayil.

  2. Becoming An Even More Loving Person: Practical Guidelines from Torah Tradition and Contemporary Psychology .

  3. Holy Fire: Emotional and Physical Intimacy in Marriage

  4. Jews are from Sinai, not Mars or Venus: A Kabbalistic View of Male-Female Differences and Communication

  5. "Ayzer" or "K'negdo" : Marriage Without Anger or Abuse

  6. Jewish Humor: A Window to Your Soul

  7. Can You "Marry" G-D Without Divorcing Your Family; Resolving Religious Differences in the Family

  8. Creating an Intimate Relationship with G-D

  9. What do your Dreams Mean? Insights from Torah and Psychology

  10. Psychotherapy and Torah: Complementary or Incompatible?
    (alternative title is "Moses vs. Freud: Are Traditional Jewish values and Psychotherapy Compatible?")

  11. Minding your mind; Taking control of your thoughts and feelings.

  12. Soul aerobics; How to tickle, cuddle and supercharge your Jewish soul.

  13. Our Parents: Confronting, Accepting, Reconciling, Loving.

  14. Healing the Loss of a Loved One; "Ha-makom yenachem eschem".

  15. Yisgadal v'Yiskaddash: What is the meaning and purpose of the Mourner's Kaddish?

  16. Can a Person change their Personality? Wisdom from Torah and Psychology.

  17. Addiction, Love, Purpose and Torah; What fills the hole in your soul?

  18. Keeping the Fire Lit on the Altar; Maintaining Passion Throughout the Years of Marriage.

  19. Can you forgive someone who has hurt you?

  20. Living with and without anger; neutralizing anger at home and at work.

  21. "Joy transcends all boundaries"; creating more happiness in your life.

  22. The "true" story of Purim; Megillah shtick.

  23. Living with a Difficult Person.

For Parents:

  1. Please Pass the Matzoh Balls :
    Helping your Children, Adult Children, and Grandchildren to Enjoy Being Jewish.
    (alternative title: Jewish Continuity:
    Raising Your Children So That Your Grandchildren Will Be Jewish.)

  2. Raising Your Child To Be a Mentsch; Jewish Parenting.

  3. Educating a child: The Partnership between Parents and the School.

  4. Sensitivity to the Emotional Needs of Teenagers.

  5. Moses versus Madonna: Influencing your children's sexual values.

  6. Protecting your child from predators.

  7. Reaching and Managing an oppositional Child.

  8. How to become an even more loving parent.

Specifically For Singles:
Finding your life partner: a series of related talks.

  1. Falling in Love and Staying in Love: Wisdom from Torah and Psychology

  2. Finding the Love of your Life: Are you Ready for Intimate relationships?

  3. The Heart is not a Voluntary Muscle: Finding the Right Person to Marry

  4. Don't be kissed by a fool or fooled by a kiss: Finding the Right Person to Marry

  5. Falling in Love versus Climbing in Love ; How to create infatuation.

  6. Becoming An even more loving person: Experiencing the depth of your capacity to love.

  7. Dating, Emotional Intimacy and Physical Intimacy

    (alternative title: Sexual Wisdom: Where does physical passion fit in your life?)

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